Looking for an ideal economic system economists have
long been striving for? A system with stable prices,
full-employment, equitable distribution of income,
and steady growth?
If you can visualize it…We’ll make it happen!!

All above seemingly conflicting goals can simultaneously
be achieved by: (1) Making money an
endogenously-determined variable via
“integrating money in capital theory”, (2) Using Friedman Rule
and applying Islamic contracts to construct Islamic Banking.

Your life is worth making a difference.
It takes change in attitude to change life for the better.

Islamic Leasing and its Impact on Islamic Banking in Iran

A Paper Presented at International Conference on Islamic Leasing
Joman Al-Khaleej Center for Islamic Finance Consultancy
February 13 and 14, 2005

Research & Papers by Iraj Toutounchian, Ph.D.

Islamic Banking: A Last Ditch to Save Capitalism (2004)

Competing IRRs in Islamic Banking and
Zero Cost of Capital (2003)

An Analytical Review of Islamic Banking as Practiced in Iran (1998)

Resource Mobilization for Government Expenditures through Islamic Modes of Contract: The Case of Iran (1995)

Some Considerations on the Size of the Public Sector
in the Islamic Republic of Iran (1988)

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Bank of England – February 2004
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